Kids Summer Safety Q&A with Dove

Kids Summer Safety Q&A with Dove

We are so excited to share a quick Summer Safety Q&A with you today!

Did you know that Dove is the #1 pediatrician recommended bar? I also want to add that dermatologists, as well as my dermatologist, recommended Dove Sensitive SkinBeauty Bar for our family since it’s hypoallergenic, unscented, and has no dyes.

I was recently invited to an event but unfortunately, couldn’t attend. The Dove team was kind enough to let me have a phone chat with Dr. Jen Trachtenberg. Dr. Jen is a leading pediatrician in addition to being a Dove spokesperson. At the event, she shared skin-care tips for kids and babies during the summer months, in particular for children with sensitive skin.

Kids Summer Safety Q&A with Dove

If you guys know me, our family has super sensitive skin and our daughter had a crazy rare food allergy too! I was excited to hop on the call with her and ask her a few questions! I hope these Summer Safety questions and answers are helpful for you too.

Kids Summer Safety Q&A with Dove

Q: My daughter is fully potty trained, that being said I know while being out and about she’s bound to say “I don’t have to go pee” or forget that she’s thirsty. How to I ensure she’s going enough and also fully hydrated?

A: Children should be going to the bathroom at least every 3-4 hours. Their pee should also be a clear, very light yellow, but not dark. If their pee is dark, they’re not getting enough liquids. Keep in mind during summer months we enjoy things that contain a decent amount of water, for example, watermelon, oranges, melons.

Q: Cars are scorching right now. How can a parent make sure their children don’t get burned or overheated?

A: Avoid burns from hot seats, buckles. Even slides at the park can give children burns. Also, make sure you don’t leave your child in the car. Some suggest placing your shoe in the back seat with your child.

Q: What about getting sick? My daughter is out and about more with a greater amount of children at the park.

A: During the warmer months children are less sick. Germs aren’t as concentrated, and there’s more open air since we’re outside. Tips to prevent germ spread are the usual hand washing and keeping your child home when sick. Sleep quality affects your child’s immunity, so make sure they’re getting a good nights sleep.

Q: My daughter has sensitive skin. She’s been to the dermatologist who also recommends Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar. What makes you suggest it for your pediatric patients?

A: Dove is not a soap and is proven to be more gentle and mild than soap. It’s formulated with DEFI technology, a unique blend of mild cleansers, and ¼ moisturizing cream to cleanse and keep skin soft and smooth. The Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is safe and gentle for infants, and even children with eczema. It’s mild formula, safe for the whole family. You can even use Dove Sensitive Skin Bar on infants, from head to toe, yes even hair!

Q: We’re all about protecting our skin. Do you have any sun safety tips?


  •  Use 30SPF or higher
  • Apply every 2-3 hours
  • Always apply after going in water
  • Use a shot glass amount per person
  • Avoid sprays for children due to inhalation risk + creams and lotions provide better coverage
  • Use sunglasses + floppy hat
  • Try to go out after 2 pm if you can, the sun and rays are less harsh after this time
  • Choose a sunscreen with a physical barrier and one that’s broad spectrum and protects against UVA as well as UVB rays.

Q: What about after sun care?

A: Rinse and wash with the Dove Sensitive Skin Bar after and then apply aloe if skin is irritated from the sun and sand. It’s hypoallergenic and unscented!

We hope you enjoyed our Summer Safety Q&A!

Kids Summer Safety Q&A with Dove

This is not a sponsored post, we just thought that our readers would benefit from this info!

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